Friday, July 3, 2009

How to Get Cash Back from Your eBay Purchases

Disclaimer: I'm not connected/associated with or eBay. I'm not responsible if you wont get the cash back. I'm providing this information for my fellow eBay fans. Please don't blame me if you have made any mistake in following steps. (old name is a Microsoft search engine. It offers cash back from your Buy It Now purchases on eBay. This guide will help you to get cash back from Please follow below steps:

1) Go to or
Click Here

2) Enter your search keyword in the search result for example "XPS". Look for an sponsored advertisement. That has the cashback $ coin icon. Mostly you will find that link on the top of the page

3) In the eBay-sponsored ad, click the Bing cashback link. This brings you to the site with your search terms already in the eBay search box. Please complete you purchase in 60 minutes, because the cashback will expire in 60 minutes. When you go to the item page, your cashback rewards percentage is shown at the top of the eBay page.

4) Now in eBay search box search for item number you are looking for or browse the item.

5) Items with Buy it now options are only qualified items. There would be $ coin icon (see below picture) near the qualified items.

6) Click the Buy It Now button. On the Order details page, you’ll see the cashback total for this purchase.

7) Complete your purchase with Buy it now and Pay with PayPal. You’ll see a message about your eligibility, when cashback rewards will be available in your PayPal account, and if you need to take additional steps to get your money. eBay will also send you an email confirmation in My Messages in My eBay.

Important: If you don’t have a Microsoft Bing account or need to link your Microsoft Bing Account with your PayPal account, you’ll see a message with instructions to click the Get cashback button to create or access your free Microsoft Bing account. You must click the Get cashback button to get your money. It may take a few days for your eBay purchase to show in your Microsoft Bing account.

This is how you will get cash back from It takes around 60 days to get your cash back credited in your account. You can withdraw that by check, PayPal or back account.

So, Next time don't forget to use to save some hardly earned bucks.


  1. This method worked for me about a year ago when it was MSN Live Cashback, but now I NEVER see any of those sponsored eBay ads in Bing. There are still references to them in various places, but I never see them when I search for ANYTHING in Bing

  2. Turn off adblock to see the Cashback ads.

  3. takes flight where Bing CashBack leaves off BUT with a twist. Not only can you shop on to get cashback YOU can also get cashback when your friends & family shop online. It's as simple as sending a link to your contacts.

    Say for example you find a cool deal online and spread the word. Before you spread the word simple use Edeems so YOU can get cashback as a referrer.

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